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Advantages Of Gesso Wood Panel's (Art Board's) :

Advantages Of Gesso Wood Panel's (Art Board's) :

As an artist you are always looking to explore and expirement with of all the surface's you want . With Snoogg Art Board's (Gessoboard's) which are triple primed using high quality Gesso. You can create any texture that you like on the surface. With Artist canvas we are always left behind with white crevaces which needs retouching plus canvas as a medium does not have many archival factor's which means its less durable.

The wood panel's are available in a variety of shapes and sizes opening up a new dimension for your paintings at a cost which is cheaper than existing canvas boards and stretched canvas frame . Moreover the side's are always carefully sanded so that one can offer an artwork on all side's. The High end wood panel's can be easily hung using minimal diy .

So as i said earlier as an artist you must try all surfaces and decide whether its suitable to your desired outcome, each to their own 2 artists might not even like the same brand of canvas depending on their usage and their perception and properties of the cloth.

Its worth giving these wood panel's, we are sure that your painting experience on these Art board's will be pleasurable and fascincating !

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