Coleção: Paint A Shape

SnooggArt and Craft exclusively presents canvas boards made in Shape's, canvas is pasted on high durable MDF board and made in a varierty of shape's as mentioned below. ITS time to make your ART more fun and versatile than ever before with these cool carefully created grained Boards.

These beautifully made shaped canvas can be used with a variety of mediums like paint, markers, glitter, beads and plenty of other materials. Once the surface is dry, it can hang on walls or doors to add life and character to a child’s room, nurseries, living rooms, etc. There are many ways to create with Paint-a-Shapes!

Paint on them
Glue stuff on them
Make a mobile
Decorate a room
Create stick puppets
Great for ornaments
Hang on a door
Kids educational tool
Shapes for all interests
Fun for ages 4 - 99